Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dear Government,

The people are coming for you, and they're really very angry. You can take away everything you're supposed to provide, and let people who have pseudo-entitlement have everything they want and don't need, but you will never take away the hope and determination that citizens of nearly every country in the world still have. These protests against the wealth obsessed egocentric financiers are just the start of a long struggle to return democracy to its true meaning- a government that represents all of its citizens, not just those with the biggest bank accounts. The mainstream media are not, and will not start, reporting this other than to gloss over it or draw on the violence that stems from it. Bailing out bankers and cutting public services was never going to please people, so this is hardly unexpected- if you cut back, people will fight back. You can also expect people to start getting angry when they're arrested for just shutting down their bank account. We are all equal, we all deserve an equal slice of our country's pie, no matter which country that is. This is the closest thing to a class 'war' this generation is likely to have, I just hope we all win.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

1. It rained a lot today.

So, where to begin? I wish I could tell you some interesting story about some wild party I had last night in the depths of East/South London (pick whichever is currently cooler on the day you read this), but alas no. My crazy Saturday night was eating Asda chocolate whilst watching a movie in bed next to my girlfriend, in a 'town' that is a strong contender for most lifeless in the country. I have left London behind, til January, due to a dire case of poverty and joblessness. Despite my life plan of not being in debt and getting a job instead of going to university, it turns out none of the 'cool' jobs want me. Even Orange don't want me because I haven't worked in a shop for two years (if I'd worked in a shop for two whole years I probably would've killed myself, didn't mention that to the grumpy frenchman interviewing me on the phone though). 
I suppose this blog might end up turning into some sort of really boring diary, that people will come across and wonder why on earth I've bothered/I haven't been sectioned. It's like I'm writing a column for the Sunday Mirror or Now magazine, except I'm not even famous. Though to be fair, nor are most of the people that do that. Tomorrow I will be getting up early to wait for a lady from a music factory to call me. I have made that sound more exciting than it is, they sell instruments though, but it would still be a job. Just not quite in the music industry I was hoping for.