Sunday, 4 September 2011

1. It rained a lot today.

So, where to begin? I wish I could tell you some interesting story about some wild party I had last night in the depths of East/South London (pick whichever is currently cooler on the day you read this), but alas no. My crazy Saturday night was eating Asda chocolate whilst watching a movie in bed next to my girlfriend, in a 'town' that is a strong contender for most lifeless in the country. I have left London behind, til January, due to a dire case of poverty and joblessness. Despite my life plan of not being in debt and getting a job instead of going to university, it turns out none of the 'cool' jobs want me. Even Orange don't want me because I haven't worked in a shop for two years (if I'd worked in a shop for two whole years I probably would've killed myself, didn't mention that to the grumpy frenchman interviewing me on the phone though). 
I suppose this blog might end up turning into some sort of really boring diary, that people will come across and wonder why on earth I've bothered/I haven't been sectioned. It's like I'm writing a column for the Sunday Mirror or Now magazine, except I'm not even famous. Though to be fair, nor are most of the people that do that. Tomorrow I will be getting up early to wait for a lady from a music factory to call me. I have made that sound more exciting than it is, they sell instruments though, but it would still be a job. Just not quite in the music industry I was hoping for.

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